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Dror David

Expert financial consultancy for your life goals and legacy

A clear and accurate analysis of your current financial situation, Dror shows you a step-by-step plan to: Get out of debt years faster, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest and shaving years off your mortgage and debt payments. Start living better.

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Why choose Dror?

Dror brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to the industry to make sure the needs of every client are met. He specializes in building holistic financial plans for individuals, businesses, and families.

As an Executive Director, his duties and skills include training and developing leaders in business who will see their leadership qualities spill over into the rest of their lives to make them all around better people

Setting up a proper saving plans for retirement, education and future goals or helping you build a career, Dror is the one to choose.

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Asaf Halperin - Executive Director

Brilliant advisor—knowledgeable and professional. ALWAYS!!! Has his client's best intention at heart. Dror is a true teacher, a leader, a true friend. I am honored to have him in my life.


Marny Florence - Host, Choreographer, Founder of

Dror is incredible! He is helping me save and put money away so I make more with my earnings. He's so patient, smart and cares so much about each of his clients. He is so personable and trustworthy, I'm so grateful for all of his financial help and expertise!!


Gautam Shah - Business Owner

Before Dror, the financial advice that I received from my Bank wasn't really much advice. Dror made me understand how financial planning actually works and mapped out what exactly I needed to do in order to achieve my short and long term financial goals. I haven't met an advisor who is so passionate about not only helping people with their money but also educating them about investing and how to fully protect themselves if you need assistance one day due to unforeseen circumstances.

Book an appointment with Dror today.

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Experior is positioned to be the insurance/investment powerhouse of the future and the reasons why can be summed up with three words; Brand, Timing and Ownership.

Welcome to Experior!

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Dror David

Executive Director


(647) 295-7553

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